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Have FMS but want to work?

Many people with fibromyalgia continue to work full or part time. But the chronic pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia often make working very difficult. If you are employed, it's important to learn about managing fibromyalgia symptoms and coping with pain and fatigue. It is important to also work out a daily regime that suits both you and your symptoms.


Can people with Fibromyalgia work?

By self-managing fibromyalgia pain and controlling daily stress, most people with fibromyalgia can do almost anything they choose. Unless you have physical pain that's directly work related you should be able to make simple modifications to your workplace that allow you to continue working.


Talk to your boss

If you have been diagnosed as a Fibromyalgia sufferer it is a worth while endeavour speaking to your boss. They should be aware of your condition and the effects it can have, especially if they are likely to cause you to have time off work. It is important not to worry about speaking to someone in the workplace about your condition; most employers will be happy to help and it also allows them to compensate for drops in the work load if you have to take time off work unexpectedly.


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