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The information for this article has been gleaned from various pieces of research that have been carried out and posted online. So the question is can supplements help in the treatment of FMS? Well we know that there is no ‘cure’ through supplements but rather they would claim to be able to help with some of the symptoms of the syndrome – and with many of the symptoms being common to other everyday ailments hopefully some sufferers would be able to get some relief.
Things You Should Know About Supplements for Fibromyalgia
1)      Supposed Cures:  Many websites claim to sell natural ‘cures’ or treatments for FMS that generally are very expensive supplement formulas. While their claims are tempting, remember that nothing is proven to cure FMS and few things are even proven to alleviate symptoms. Be sure to research any substance you consider using and always involve your doctor in your decisions and in follow-up care.
2)      Beliefs about Supplements:  While definitive evidence is lacking, many experts on FMS claim vitamins can help alleviate common nutritional deficiencies; boost energy, alertness and cognitive function; and decrease pain.
3)      Risks:  Dietary supplements generally are better tolerated and have fewer risks than prescription medications, but anything you take to change the way your body functions is considered a drug. Just because a product is natural doesn't mean it's safe and won't interact with other supplements or medications. You should talk to your doctor and pharmacist about what you're taking, the dosages, and potential interactions. If you have sensitivities to foods, you need to be aware of what ingredients are in the supplements you take.
4)      What to Expect:  If you do opt to use supplements as part of your treatment regime, you shouldn't expect miraculous or immediate results. The goal should be to find multiple treatments with a cumulative effect. Also, as with medications and other therapies for FMS, you'll probably have to experiment with different combinations to come up with the regime that works for you.
5)      Getting Started:  When starting supplements, it's important to only start one new one at a time, then wait a week or two before introducing another one. That will give you a chance to see what effect each supplement has on your body.
Recommended Supplements for Fibromyalgia
When considering supplements, think about what symptoms impact you most and then look for supplements that help with that symptom. The following lists break commonly used supplements into categories.  For more information on any of these supplements type the name into Google and read through the numerous pages of results.
Supplements for Energy
Supplements for Pain/Tenderness
Supplements for Mood Problems
Supplements for Brain Function/Neurotransmitter Balance (shown to be irregular in people with FMS)
Omega-3 (Fish Oil)
St. John's Wort
Remember – do your research before you consult with your doctor. And ALWAYS consult with your doctor. Many of the supplements listed above have strong interactions with prescribed medications – you want to help yourself, not make yourself worse.
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