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Please note any information presented here in no way denotes promotion, recommendation or endorsement of any particular doctor or other professional's work or practices - the information is provided purely for enabling you to be aware of their presence and in certain cases their specialities.
Fibromyalgia Clinic.


The Clinic

The House of Vic-Ryn

Moirai Road



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GP with special interest in Fibromyalgia.  Multidisciplinary and holistic approach to management of FM.Aims of treatment are alleviation of symptoms and improvement of quality of life.

Pain clinic specialists.

Dr. Gary McCleane
Consultant anaesthetist - previously in Craigavon Area Hospital - now only works through private practice in order to facilitate his research and innovative inroads to fibromyalgia treatments.   He has had proven success with treatments such as lignocaine infusions, baclofen and other interesting drugs.  If you're curious about what the lignocaine infusion comprises - click here to view the actual apparatus used.  It's an easy to use home treatment of sorts.   He operates on a private basis only now through his consulting rooms in 2 Rampark, Dromore Road, Lurgan and you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone him on for details of his costs.   Bear in mind that some treatments of any form may require more than one session.
Dr. Pamela Bell
Consultant Anaesthetist in the Pain Clinic at Musgrave Park Hospital.   Dr. Bell specialises in trigger point therapy for those with myofascial pain syndrome, as well as providing a range of other treatments and services for those with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Dr. David Hill
A consultant anaesthetist in the Pain Clinic of the Ulster Hospital, Dr. Hill has been actively involved in providing useful and effective treatments for those with FMS.  He operates a rather overbooked clinic on the NHS in UHD twice weekly and also offers private treatment on a Thursday morning at the Hospital.  He would be best contacted through his secretary there.

Dr. Ian Gillespie
Consultant anaesthetist in Belfast City Hospital, Dr. Gillespie has a superb team of coworkers who together have provided the Province's first fibromyalgia pain management program - this is a unique strategy of provision of various services e.g. Physios, OTs and others who collectively work with patients over a 6 week period to enable them to learn new coping strategies to deal with their pain rather than the conventional drug methods.   The course requires a lot of commitment and can be a tough one but is well worth the effort according to those who've gone through it so far.    Your GP can refer you to Dr. Gillespie for consideration of applying to the program or just for pure pain management in the usual pain clinic setting.

Dr. Peter Wright
Runs a pain management clinic at Daisy Hill Hospital which specialises in multidisciplinary pain management. Services offered include pain control, physical rehabilitation and clinical psychology services. These services can be accessed by GP referral depending on home address. Private patients can be seen where the range of services is similar but in addition includes acupuncture and advice on alternative treatments for chronic pain.  Telephone .   Patients should be aware that  advice will not be provided over the telephone! (This applies to all Consultants who operate on a private basis).  NHS patients should contact their GP's for an appointment. The waiting list unfortunately is now 10 months for this service.   You can also contact Dr. Wright's secretary in DHH for details, if you wish to set up a private appointment only.
Please note that where email addresses have been provided they have been given for one specific purpose i.e. making appointments - please do not abuse this facility or it will be withdrawn from the site.   It is generous of the doctors in particular to provide this method of communication for us and I would like to think you will all respect that fact.  Thank you.
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