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Title: Benefits and Work Forum
Post by: FMSNI on February 02, 2005, 05:50:27 PM
 Just found this one myself and was pleased to see they actually have a fibro section too which is always encouraging.   Check out  Benefits and Work Forum ( and find loads of info not only on what others are saying, but also how other conditions are affected by such legislation too.   Ultimately some of the info around about this topic is downright scary - I read one such piece tonight that stated that by 2007 the Government would be ensuring that anyone not complying with their 'rules' on it, would lose their benefit over a period of weeks down to 10p a week!   :no:  Now go figure out that one.   Somewhere along the way I think we're yet again being discriminated against - by a Government who (to my knowledge) were the instigators of the DDA and yet aren't complying with it themselves in the sense that I heard they were going to offer a cash bonus to those on IB who would go back to work i.e. they'd get a higher rate of benefit or allowance or whatever, yet the rest of us sound like we're not going to get any more money but rather be penalised for being too disabled to work.   Ya-da-ya-da.....   :furious: :furious: Anyone tell I'm annoyed???